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We have been teaching and creating podcasts since 2005, the same year the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary declared “podcasting” the word of the year. Since that time, our CEO Jody Colvard has taught podcasting in China, launched a Women in Podcasting directory, and our team has helped launch over 500 podcasts and edited countless podcast episodes.

We offer full service business solutions:

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What Clients Say

  • Speaking as someone who knows Jody and has worked with her first hand, jump at this offer people! Womens Podcasting and the FMG network team, over deliver! They have helped me, make my dreams, a reality!
    Chef Tina Jo


  • Womens Podcasting offered real support and information that I could sink my teeth into to get moving right away! It was a perfect "hand-up" in helping me spread my message to the world! Thank you so much!
    Tamara Johnson


  • If you want to take your business to the "Next Level" and "integrity" is part of your business's heart and soul… then don't miss the opportunity!
    Carrie Carter


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